Data teams use Bigeye to measure, improve, and communicate data quality

About Bigeye

At Bigeye, our mission is making it a delight to work with data every day. We built some of the most widely adopted tools at companies like Uber and saw how fast teams move when they have a great data toolchain. Now Bigeye is building best-of-breed tools for anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes data: analysts, data scientists, and data engineers around the world.

The DevOps movement changed the world of working with infrastructure. The DataOps movement is just getting started. Come help us write the first chapter.

San Francisco


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Series A

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Company Leaders

Diversity & Inclusion

The Bigeye team is committed to filling at least 30% of our positions with women and individuals from underrepresented groups.

Breakdown of Engineering Team - 1 Female, 7 Male, 2 POC (People Of Color)

Company Values

Higher standards

Whether interacting with customers, investors, partners, or anyone else, we keep it professional, respectful, and honest.

Win together

The success of our customers and our team is more important than satisfying any one person’s ego. We will all succeed together.

Every mountain is climbable

We believe any mountain can be climbed with focused effort and don’t let difficulties deter us from the best path.

Strength in elegance

We strive for simple and clever solutions over the complex and unwieldy.

Constant progress

We continuously search for better ways of doing things, respectfully rejecting convention when needed.


"I love the leadership style at Bigeye. They trust who you are and what you are capable of doing. I learn a lot every day, and this makes working at Bigeye exciting and thrilling to me. As a new Sales engineer at Bigeye, I was brought up to speed as soon as I started, and the training took place in real time by shadowing our CTO with real clients."
"At Bigeye, I enjoy working with great people. We leverage our collective experience in data systems to help other companies evaluate their data. The collaboration and transparency here has been wonderful."
"I moved from Peru to San Francisco two years ago and working at Bigeye has been the major highlight. I never thought of becoming the first sales hire at a Silicon Valley startup, especially one that has such a strong leadership team and that it’s now backed by Sequoia Capital. It’s exciting to wake up every day knowing that there are exciting things to learn and build and our leaders are very thoughtful of everyone’s professional growth."

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